Here are just a few of the many testimonials we get at Skintactix. Let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help! 



"I had cystic acne for 20 yrs. Tried SO many things on the market/online. Nothing helped. Then I tried Skintactix's Normal/Oily Cleanser: It’s amazing! It worked FAST/was gentle to my skin. Since using this Cleanser for 9+ years, I've no problems at all. Best thing out there--HIGHLY recommended. My 14 yr old uses it/has gorgeous skin. Had problems with pimples, but no more. Can't imagine using anything else. I’m 45, & my skin/face look much younger. It’s the only thing I use; gets full credit!"

-S. Jones-

"My Family noticed the miracle, I still can't believe it, I hid from people all my life, now I am 50+ and healing. Wish I found you sooner, you guys took painstaking efforts to educate me, and that's why I stuck it out, now look at me with no regrets, Bless you!"

- Donnate -

lori before

"I have never written a testimonial before, but I simply must do this one. I am 40, and I had a quickly developing, out of the blue outbreak, on my face last summer. Large cystic nodules, blisters, swelling, pain, you name it. Proactiv, Skin ID, Neutrogena, Retin A, nothing made it stop. For 2 1/2 months my face looked like those pictures. When I would lance the lesions they would ooze infection, but not resolve, and at one point I thought it maybe wasn't acne at all but perhaps a staph infection. Antibiotics from my doctor did nothing to improve it though. I started Skintactix after finding you guys on the internet as a part of an acne string of blogs. That changed my life. After just a couple days of use, the improvement started and once I realized that I was allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs, my life changed even further. I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 8 years prior and felt awful just about every day since. Once your website enlighted me to the fact that an allergy could be constributing to my acne rosacea, I stopped those foods and not only did my face clear up, but my overall health improved too! I do have a lot of residual scarring from trying to lance all of those cystic nodules that I had before using Skintactix, but I am dealing with that."

lori before 2lori after

"I cannot thank you enough and endorse your product enough. I tell everyone I know about it. Anyway I just wanted you to see the real difference you all are making in peoples lives and your customer service could not be more wonderful, keep up the good work! I am truly thankful and grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thanks again so much!"

- Lori -

"I just ordered my 2nd A3 kit for sensative skin, I love your products! I've been using the Green Tea Poultice for nearly 3 yrs with amazing results! I've shared my "secret" with many friends. Thanks, not only for your products, but all your helpful info as well!"

- Gail -

"I wanted to sincerly thank you for the wonderful products you make. I tried several other options for treating acne prior to trying Skintactix to no avail. After a scary allergic reaction to the antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist I decided to opt out of the medical route to treating my acne. Not only have your products cleared up my acne and helped heal scarring, but my skin honestly looks better then it ever has. I have recently branched out and bought some of your products other than the acne control kits (sunscreen and facial scrub) and everything I have tried is wonderful. I greatly appreciate your honest, scientific, and natural approach to treating acne and to skin care in general. I only wish I had known about your products when I started struggling with acne back in my teenage years. I will definitely recommend your products to anyone who has acne, as well as anyone who cares about their skin and wants to avoid harsh chemicals or products. Keep up the wonderful work!"

- Katie -

"My face is the clearest it's been for years. Last August, I had begun to use the same product on my body. Though it has taken a long time, my shoulders and back get clearer and clearer everyday. I love this product because it's safe, natural, and reasonably-priced, and it gives results! Thanks for your product! I love it!"

- Adam -