Body Acne

body acne

In addition to the face, acne may develop on the neck, back, upper legs and buttock. Body acne is relatively easy to control. During the first two to three weeks, the Normal/Oily Cleanser or Dry/Sensitive Cleanser and the Glycolic Exfoliator should be used once daily in the area(s) where acne occurs. Gentle Follicle Exfoliator can be used in place of the Glycolic Exfoliator if the skin is dry and/or sensitive. Green Tea Poultice can be used as a spot treatment to speed the healing of prior infections.

Control is usually achieved within the first two weeks. With some experimentation you can determine the frequency with which the skin must be treated to maintain control.

Body acne control can be maintained by using the Skintactix Total Control body wash. Total Control body wash is an antibacterail wash for daily use for all skin types. It is especially effective for control of body acne, and also a superior wash for men and women involved in sports. Its active ingredients combine to provide mild exfoliation, sebum control, improved skin tone, and add essential moisture deep into the skin. The citrus peel and green tea extracts are natural antioxidants with anit-inflammatory benefits. The vitamin B5 counteracts surface bacteria and helps soothe skin irritation. The antibacterial body wash can be used daily to maintain your clear skin along with odor control. The soothing citrus scent is great for men and women.

Like facial acne, body acne can be related to linoleic acid deficiency (essential fatty acids), wheat-induced acne or milk (hormone) consumption. Refer to the Acne & Essential Fatty Acids, Acne & Wheat and Acne & Milk pages for additional information.