Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris infections raise to pustules (pus filled pimples) on the surface of the skin. The pustules usually discharge a thin white pus. You may or may not have Blackheads, cysts and papules present. Acne Vulgaris usually occurs on the face, upper and lower back and upper chest. Some cystic acne conditions (see above) may also occur, but most infections raise to pustules.

It is not uncommon for people with Acne Vulgaris to experiment with several over-the-counter products and find that nothing produces complete control. Over-the-counter acne treatment products deal with the symptoms of acne rather than addressing its biochemical causes. These acne products may help control light acne, but they do not control moderate or severe acne and they wont prevent acne from becoming progressively more severe. For more information on the biochemistry of acne, please see our Understanding Acne page. In the sidebar, you will find three acne kits specially formulated for acne vulgaris. Select the right kit for you by choosing the kit that best describes your skin type.

Skintactix Acne Products:

Skintactix acne products are predominately natural acne products, they kill P. acnes as well as E. Coli, staph (staphylococcus) salmonella and a variety of other undesirable bacteria that produce lipases. Skintacitx uses several unique natural acne product ingredients that kill P. acnes, but each of these ingredients has multiple functions and multiple benefits in the control of acne. Cinnamon extract, for example, kills P acnes, but it also blocks 5alpha-reductase, (as does green tea.) which reduces the volume of acne promoting dihydrotestosterone in the skin. The turmeric extract, sage extract, cinnamon extract, wild marjoram, green tea, etc. used in Skintactix acne products all have multiple functions and provide complete acne treatment for total acne control.

Skintactix uses a special natural clay (in its active form) with high concentrations of zinc. Like some of hte ingredients above, zinc blocks 5 alpha-reductase which limits acne-promoting dihydrotestosterone in the skin. Like green tea and wild marjoram (above), zinc inhibits interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-a, which promote acne through the promotion of inflammation. Zinc is absolutely essential for repair and healing, needed to repair the damage caused by acne infections. People with severe acne can develop deficiency of zinc which interferes with the healing process. Products like Skintactix Green Tea Poultice provide the zinc (in a largely natural acne product) that damaged skin needs for repairs.

While manufacturers of most other acne treatment products rely upon typical ingredients like salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide, these ingredients only kill P. acnes. They don't block or inhibit any of the chemistry that will bring a new wave of infections to replace the prior infections. Skintactix acne cleansers (Normal/Oily Cleanser, Dry/Sensitive Cleanser, and Glycolic ) and Green Tea Poultice contain ten very unique ingredients that eliminate or reduce P. acnes, 5alpha-reductase, free fatty acids, sebum production and inflammatory cascades which all promote new acne infections.

Skintactix products achieve control of acne in 90% of cases because the acne products treat the multiple causes of acne, not just one or two symptoms like most other over-the-counter acne products. Skintactix acne products were developed by a dermatologist and a biochemist who understand the biochemistry of acne and are familiar with the natural plant extract which research has shown will achieve acne control, especially when these extracts are used in combination. The results is highly effective acne treatment, using natural acne products. For more information on the biochemistry of acne, please see our Understanding Acne page.

Chronic Moderate to Severe Acne:

People who have had acne for a number of years and the acne has been resistant to prior forms of acne treatment, need to examine some of the factors that may be promoting their resistance to acne treatment. Read the Acne & Wheat, Acne & Essential Fatty Acids and Acne & Milk pages to determine if these factors may be involved. For example, if blackheads or whiteheads are present )in addition to acne), this usually indicates an essentail fatty acid deficiency may be promoting chronic acne. If a wave of new acne infections coincide with the monthly cycle, the Acne & Milk page may provide some useful suggestions. Or, acne may be supported by the inflammation caused by wheat sensitivity. Additionally, Skintactix also offers Inhibiting Gel, which corrects many of hte skin chemistry imbalances produced by chronic acne. Please use this web site as a valuable tool in establishing control of your acne vulgaris with acne treatment concepts and acne products that are effective, as well as bing natrual acne products.

Treatment Progress:

Be sure to review the Acne Cure Progress page. It explains with words and photographs how the skin responds, including time-frames.