Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Acne scars are usually sharp-sided depressions or pits and should not be confused with pigment spots (brown spots) or infection spots (red spots), which are a temporary condition caused by the injury of the infection. For information on pigment spots (brown and red) refer to the page on Acne Pigment Spots.

Because moderate to severe acne produces substantial swelling of the tissues around the infections, it is possible that scarring may be occurring but not readily visible. The photograph below on the left was taken on day-1 of treatment and due to infections and swelling along the jaw-line no scarring was visible. The photograph on the right was taken at week-13 of treatment. There are no new infections and swelling is minor. Pox marks (scars) are now visible along the jaw-line. These scars are sloped depressions and will disappear in time.

acne scars beforeacne scars after

People with moderate to severe acne become systemically (bodily) deficient in chemicals needed to prevent acne and facilitate adequate repair of these infection injuries. Zinc, as discussed in other sections, can block many of the conditions that promote acne. Zinc is also essential in the production of collagen, elastin, new replacement cells and tissue substances that make up the repair process in the infection sites.

Since acne consumes so much of the skin's available supply of critical chemicals, like zinc, antioxidants, calcium, etc., the repair process of infections is inadequate. Too little collagen, elastin, etc. can be manufactured, resulting in a severe depression (pox mark or scar) at the site of the injury.

Preventing Acne Scars:

Skintactix Inhibiting Gel corrects the chemical imbalances in the skin caused by acne. It rebuilds the skin's ability to prevent new infections, which prevents scarring in the future. It enables the repair processes to completely repair current infections, without scars.

Infections require 60-120 days to heal. Inhibiting Gel promotes this repair by providing the skin with the required chemical elements to adequately execute the repair process. As in the photographs above, scarring that occurred one to two months before Skintactix treatment will usually heal without leaving any marks with the use of Inhibiting Gel. We recommend Inhibiting Gel be added to the regimen (following the Gentle Follicular Exfoliator and before the Green Tea Poultice) when treating severe acne.

Green Tea Poultice also prevents the development of new infections and significantly promotes the skin's ability to heal without scarring. This poultice is rich in minerals required by the skin and its immuneprocesses. The poultice action helps draw infectious waste matter out of the skin, which speeds the repair processes.

To promote healing and reduce scarring, get an adequate amount of protein in your diet. Eat a volume of colorful fruits and vegetable that are rich in antioxidants and assist the healing process.

The use of benzoyl peroxide products generates free radicals in the skin and interferes with and slows the healing process. The red and brown marks that are a part of the acne healing process may last weeks longer when benzoyl peroxide is a regular part of the daily regimen. Benzoyl peroxide may increase the risks of acne scarring. (See the Acne Tips and Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Damage pages for more information on benzoyl peroxide.)