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About Skintactix®

The Skintactix label and website were introduced in June of 2001, giving the public easy access to highly effective treatment of acne and related conditions. Information and education have been an emphasis within our corporation since 1997 and we hope this website is a valuable and complete resource.

Most people who visit the Skintactix website have been to one or more skin care professionals and have tried multiple forms of treatment without success, yet many of these professionals continue to prescribe or recommend treatments that are only marginally successful. Through education and the sharing of information we hope to make these professionals aware of more effective options.

Left: G. Lockhart (biologist) participated in an international conference for skin care professionals, where Lockhart was one of several key-note speakers.

Right: S. Tan, M.D. (dermatologist) poses for the camera after a presentation on variations in treating acne on Asian skin.

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May not be placed by telephone. Our Online Store is completely automated and it eliminates the possibility of errors that can occur with verbal orders. The online store link is secured for your complete protection.

Skintactix complies with local, state and federal regulations pursuant to the manufacture of skin care products. Skintactix does not participate in animal testing and elects not to use any ingredients that may have undesirable side effects.

Skintactix® is a registered trademark. The contents of this website are protected by copyright. Some Skintactix products are patented and patent pending. Any party requiring specific trademark, copyright or patent details may contact our trademark, copyright, patent attorney.