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Skintactix acne products combine biochemistry and medicine to develop highly effective, yet natural Acne Treatment Products. Our website offers comprehensive information about achieving acne success and related issues to help you make educated decisions about acne products and your options for the best natural acne treatment. Skintactix offers you the best science, the best acne treatment coupled with outstanding customer service.


I have very sensitive skin and really stubborn blackheads. This product line has done a great job of getting rid of the blackheads, without making my skin miserable. Easy to use. A little goes a very long way so the products are a good value for the money.

Heather, Seattle WA

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I have been recommending Skintactix for the past few years and have seen great improvement and even cures of acne in most cases.

-- Kristen A. Fries MPAS, PA-C

I had cystic acne for 20 yrs. Tried SO many things on the market/online. Nothing helped. Then I tried Skintactix's Normal/Oily Cleanser: It’s amazing! It worked FAST/was gentle to my skin. Since using this Cleanser for 9+ years, I've no problems at all. Best thing out there--HIGHLY recommended. My 14 yr old uses it/has gorgeous skin. Had problems with pimples, but no more. Can't imagine using anything else. I’m 45, & my skin/face look much younger. It’s the only thing I use; gets full credit!

-- S. Jones

My Family noticed the miracle, I still can't believe it, I hid from people all my life, now I am 50+ and healing. Wish I found you sooner, you guys took painstaking efforts to educate me, and that's why I stuck it out, now look at me with no regrets, Bless you!

-- Donnate


Q & A!
Q & A!

This was a really fun question that we just couldn’t pass up! 

Question: What ONE Skintactix product can you not live without? 

Keeping Your Skin Healthy For The Holidays!
Keeping Your Skin Healthy For The Holidays!
The holiday season is upon us! While most of us love the holidays and can’t wait to eat all the delicious food, drink merry drinks and party through the new year, some people are terrified for their skin! Do not be ashamed of your skin or worried about your skin this holiday season. We are bringing you a few tips to keep you looking good and feeling good!  CONTINUE READING
Acne Tip: Stress
Acne Tip: Stress
We thought our acne tip on stress might be appropriate with 5 days until Christmas! Here’s just a little tidbit of information about stress and acne!  CONTINUE READING